Sinds het voorjaar is de nieuwe voetgangersbrug naar de Ooijpolder geopend. Daarmee is er een snelle poort naar het prachtige landschap gerealiseerd. Veel mensen maken dankbaar gebruik van de brug. Helaas echter blijken veel mensen hun afval achter te laten en ligt er nu veel rotzooi. GroenLinks vindt dit een zeer onwenselijke situatie en heeft hier vragen over gesteld. Raadslid Pepijn Oomen: “Triest dat een deel van de bezoekers niet van respect tegenover de natuur blijkt te kunnen getuigen!”

Het Waalstrandje aan de andere kant van de brug ligt vol rotzooi. Een nog groter deel van de mensen neemt zijn rotzooi wel mee, maar laat het aan de Ooijse kant van de brug achter, zoals bijgaande foto laat zien. Oomen: “Betrokken Nijmegenaren hebben eind juni een opruimactie gehouden, maar dit lijkt vechten tegen de bierkaai.”

GroenLinks heeft het college inmiddels vragen gesteld. Allereerst kan er een bordje opgehangen worden dat mensen hun spullen mee terug over de brug nemen, waar wel een prullenbak is. Voor de DAR is het immers lastig om aan de andere kant van de brug te komen. Oomen: “Maar het feit dat er geen vuilnisbak is, mag nooit een vrijbrief zijn om je rommel maar te dumpen.”

Daarnaast vraagt de fractie om structurele oplossingen om een verdere verrommeling van de Ooijpolder tegen te gaan. Oomen: “Wellicht kan de DAR toch nog wat betekenen door een extra rondje door de polder te rijden.”

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  1. For several years, I have recommended that investors allocate a portion of their portfolios to gold as insurance against a calamity in financial assets. I still believe in that concept, but I also believe that the currencies of countries managing their finances responsibly will appreciate. These would include the non-euro Scandinavian countries as well as Singapore and South Korea. I also think that the currencies of countries with favorable natural resources-to-population ratios, such as Australia, are likely to do well. 8 Efforts to reduce the US budget deficit may precede the election.

  2. Designers and contractors say, “We can build or retrofit buildings in a sustainable way, but developers don’t ask for it.” Finally, developers say, “We would ask for sustainable buildings, but the investors won’t pay for them.” ‘Virtuous circle’

  3. A: No. We are still in the stage of investment. We only started our consumer banking business in China in 2005. I don’t think any foreign bank has broken even on consumer banking yet.

  4. Instead of showing clients the portfolios you think they want to see, bring the ones with your own personality, he advised students at Shanghai Institute of Visual Art. “The more you express yourself, the more likely it is that you will be chosen for what you’re good at.”

  5. But he remained at San Jose as a basketball player, and then went on to graduate school at Cornell. The black power movement was cresting, and Edwards became involved in trying to organize athletes and awaken their political awareness.

  6. From arduous trips to the end of the world to bids to reach its highest summit to elephant hunting safaris in Africa, the upper echelons of the outdoor adventure industry seem to rise above the global financial crisis and recession.

  7. On April fourth, nineteen sixty-eight, a white man named James Earl Ray shot the civil rights leader. Martin Luther King was in Memphis to support waste collection workers on strike against the city. Most of the workers were black.

  8. During the American presidential election campaign, Eisenhower announced that he would go to Korea. He thought such a trip would help end the war. Eisenhower kept his promise. He went to Korea after he won the election, but before he was sworn-in as president. Yet the fighting did not stop in Korea until July of the next year, nineteen fifty-three.

  9. During the presidential campaign, he spoke often about his experience as a prisoner of war. His campaign message was, “Country First.” Senator McCain quickly secured the Republican nomination to succeed George Bush.

  10. FAITH LAPIDUS: One event in Rabat, Morocco. will celebrate the country’s new Charter for Environment and Sustainable Development. Its aim is to guide the country’s environmental policies and future laws to protect natural resources and ensure safe economic development.

  11. Born in Anshan, Liaoning Province in 1947, Hui moved to Macau with her parents and settled in Hong Kong at the age of five. Her father was a Kuomingtang secretary, and her mother was Japanese, which Hui did not know until she was 15.

  12. It was so challenging, said Zhu, who had no photographic experience before going to Haiti. “The pictures had to capture the danger and toughness of the action and also to show the peacekeeping cops from different countries of the UN maintaining ‘international balance’.”

  13. In addition to the Great Wall and the mausoleum featuring the life-sized Terracotta Warriors, Chinas first emperor had actually planned to build a third world-class architectural wonder, namely, the Epang Palace, located about 15 kilometers to the west of Xian, the ancient Chinese capital in the northwest of the country.

  14. A: David Copperfield does both stage performance and close-up. With a big screen (or TV) it’s possible to do close-up for lots of people at the same time. The difference between stage and close-up, well, sometimes they go together, but if I simplify: stage is big things like motorbikes, cars, big apparatus and boxes that can hide people, animals and flying; close-up is something you can do close on the table, in the spectators hand, right under his nose, so to speak.

  15. IRRESPONSIBLE charmer Arthur Bach has always relied on two things to get by: his limitless fortune and lifelong nanny Hobson to keep him out of trouble. Now he has to choose between an arranged marriage that will ensure his lavish lifestyle or an uncertain future with the one thing money can’t buy, Naomi, the only woman he has ever loved. With her inspiration and some help from Hobson, Arthur takes the most expensive risk of his life and finally learns what it means to become a man.

  16. During his first term, President Clinton appointed a large number of women and minorities to the government. As he began his second term, he chose the first woman to serve as secretary of state. Madeleine Albright had represented the United States in the United Nations during Clinton’s first term.

  17. The company cultivates young choreographers, especially in Cloud Gate 2, a showcase for young talent founded in 1999. Cloud Gate 2 has younger dancers than the first company. “They do not do my work. Instead, young choreographers lead the company and they are doing a wonderful job.”

  18. Britain blamed Franklin Roosevelt for the failure of an international economic conference in nineteen thirty-three. It also felt the United States Congress was unwilling to take a strong position against international aggression by other nations.

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  21. Foundations are in the news a lot. They support everything from A to Z — from the arts to zoos. They give away money in the form of grants or provide free services. Governments generally do not tax these organizations.

  22. My collection is a contrast between old and new, she explains. “All the pieces are created for modern peoples’ wardrobes, with handmade details and A-line silhouettes revealing their links with traditional Miao costumes.”

  23. JIM TEDDER: Isadora Duncan is remembered as the mother of modern dance. But she is also remembered for the tragedy in her life. In nineteen thirteen, Isadora’s two children, Deirdre and Patrick, along with their nurse, were drowned in the Seine River in Paris. The car they were riding in had stopped running.

  24. Reams have been written about the event titled “Better City, Better Life” and thousands of photographs published. But few publications are as interesting, eloquent and personal as a coffee table “love affair” photo book by a German family, the Steubes.

  25. The report shows that more people work on weekdays than on Saturday and Sunday – the traditional weekend days. Eighty-two percent of employed people work on an average weekday, compared with thirty-five percent who work on an average weekend.

  26. A screen displayed in the Shanghai Museum (pictured left) was once used by the royal family during the Qing Dynasty. Made of highly prized zitan wood, or red sandalwood, it consists of five panels, each comprised of four parts and decorated with five-claw dragons flying in clouds, birds, flowers, trees and rocks.

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  28. Yacouba Ouedraogo directs the cervical cancer prevention program at a health clinic in the capital, Ouagadougou. He says cervical cancer has become the most common cancer among women in Burkina Faso, but he says finding and treating the cancer in its early stages has recently become much easier.

  29. Here is another piece of advice: Do not count your chickens before they are hatched. In other words, you should not think too much about some future event before it really happens.

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