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Chairman in Nijmegen

I became chairman of AKKU because something really needs to change in this system. Students, like many other population groups, have been screwed tremendously hard in recent years on all sorts of issues. Problems like high rents, student debt, low student welfare, etc. cannot be solved on your own, but for that you have to fight together.

One of the reasons I chose to do a board year at AKKU is because through the union I can have a real effect on the policies of the university, the city and also far beyond. The reason why I chose the position of secretary is because I wanted to improve my communication skills.

I started my board year at AKKU with the idea of getting involved in projects I could support and help others with. If you want to contribute to positive change, I recommend a year at AKKU!

For me, the main reason for joining the board was the opportunity to engage in student advocacy beyond the confines of my faculty. I was previously part of the FTR FSR, and while this is already important work, I wanted to better understand the bigger picture within our university. Understanding the structures of this institution is a necessary step in working for the needs of all students. I particularly focus on issues of wellness and inclusion and find the union a great place to achieve goals for a larger student population. I enjoy working with other members of AKKU, especially on our board team.

There were a number of reasons why I wanted to become a member of the board of AKKU. Through a union, this can be done tremendously well, not only by being present at protests but also by engaging with other interest groups and playing a big role in co-determination. I learned to lobby, network, set boundaries and work together in addition I learned a lot and had many great experiences.

Here you indicate your preference for one or more positions and submit your CV and motivation. After the deadline you will hear from the application committee whether you will be invited for a first interview . After this interview you will hear as soon as possible whether you are through to round two.

You can send an e-mail to the following address for possible questions about the process:

  • Idealistic, representative, verbally strong, connecting with students, experience with press

The chairman is responsible for the external representation of AKKU in the media, to politics and within Nijmegen student life. As chairman you are the figurehead and mouthpiece of AKKU and therefore of the Nijmegen student. You come across as sympathetic and charismatic and you have a strong presence and personality . You are representative , and aware of the fact that you represent all different types of students. Talking to students, knowing what is going on and offering them opportunities for change is one of your core tasks.

You enjoy approaching media proactively and representing AKKU as strongly as possible. You can articulate things concisely, clearly and even simply, no matter how complicated things sometimes are. As the face of the association, you are also able to receive criticism and assess what response is right. This is because you have to master a wide range of topics, sometimes leaving depth to others. Whereas externally you must be able to obtain a dominant position in the company, internally you are pre-eminently a team player , precisely not dominant but simply "one of the board members.

Accurate, structured, strong in communication, knows how CC and BCC works

The secretary handles almost all communication that comes in before it reaches other board members. This includes mail from external parties but also new ideas from members or desperate students who come to vent their hearts. You are responsible for ensuring that everything is handled quickly and accurately and that relevant information gets to the right place. This requires understanding the other functions , applying structure and organizational skills, and sometimes prioritizing . You work closely with the chair in creating an overview of everyone's tasks.

You have a feeling for what is going on among the members, regularly show interest and are easy to deal with. You have an affinity with (written) contacts and can use both a formal (often externally oriented) and informal (often internally oriented) tone. You keep an eye on the necessary preconditions , such as having enough paper in stock to be able to send that one letter on time. Incoming and outgoing mail, e-mail, maintaining the membership records and keeping the archives are tasks you take on as secretary, in addition to other board duties.

In addition to being a member of the daily board (chairman, secretary and treasurer), you can choose additional portfolios.

You take care of the financial policy of AKKU and can be seen as the financial director. The treasurer records income and expenses and keeps an eye on the budget. To perform this job well, you possess practical insight, realism and persuasiveness . You work in a structured way that keeps the financial situation up to date and in order. In major decisions taken by the entire board, you fulfill the role of financial expert . You are able to create insight into the consequences of financial decisions in both the short and long term .

However, you do not have to be able to do everything beforehand, within the organization the treasurer is also trained in gaining financial insight as well as in certain skills such as preparing a budget and keeping the financial overview . Among other things, this training makes the position of treasurer an interesting position where there is a lot to learn.

In addition to being a member of the daily board (president, secretary and treasurer), you can choose additional portfolios.

At least 15 hours of time commitment, depending on the portfolio(s) (This does not include possible peak times)

As a general board member, you are focused on the specific topic of your portfolio(s) , for example housing or sustainability. You will delve into this to make it a success together with the working group.

You have a lot of freedom to shape the position , in consultation with your fellow board members. The position gives you many opportunities to take on and develop additional projects during the year and therefore requires a project-oriented and independent work attitude . You have a strong organizing ability because projects sometimes have to be set up from scratch and, where necessary, you can enthuse others and involve them in your activities.

As a sustainability board member, you will be concerned with sustainability both inside and outside the union. You liaise with external green parties such as Radboud Green Office, AGREEn and the VSA. You also organize an event related to sustainability several times a year. Naturally, you also lovingly take care of the plants in the office.

You have an affinity with sustainability related topics such as, global warming, organic products, bio-industry etc. You have enthusiasm and passion and know how to inspire others. Furthermore, you know how to act during demonstrations and when organizing your own event.

If you have questions about this portfolio, send an e-mail to !

As a housing board member, you will keep in touch with stakeholders such as the municipality and SSH& to keep the student's interests in sight. Together with the working group you continuously look for ways to improve the student's position in the housing market. You participate in various consultative bodies on housing in the municipalities of Arnhem and Nijmegen and at the LSVb.

You really don't need to know everything in advance for this portfolio and will be supported by an experienced working group. You will also be trained in content to understand housing policies relevant to students You must therefore be open to delving into legal and policy details. In addition, you often have to respond to political developments with urgency. In this portfolio it is important that you can deal with this peak load, and dare to jump on the barricades for students if something drastic about the policy is changed.

If you have questions about this portfolio, send an e-mail to !

As a board member of HAN codetermination, you are the driving force behind the employee participation party Lijst HANdig. You coordinate the members who sit on the participation council, the academy council and the program committees, and do all you can to promote the interests of HAN students.

You are committed to making student life at HAN better and making rights known among HAN students.

If you have questions about this portfolio, send an e-mail to !

As the board member codetermination RU you are responsible for the functioning of the co-determination group AKKUraatd. You support where necessary and also have great plans to take the elections to a higher level.

During the busy period of the USR campaign you will keep the hectic schedule manageable for others.

If you have questions about this portfolio, send an e-mail to !

As board member mobility you keep an eye on the developments there and bring the voice of students forward. Together with them you will think of creative solutions to improve the transport situation for students and spatial planning on our campus. As a board member, you will be the one to discuss our proposals with the municipality and educational institutions.

So as a board member, you need to be able to see beyond the issues of the day. You will have to take the initiative to develop your ideas and bring them to people's attention.

If you have questions about this portfolio, send an e-mail to !

This mainly involves visual material for social media, but news items on the website also take a central role in our content strategy. You will also be a part of larger projects such as the election campaign.

You have an eye for charisma and want to take the student union to a higher level of visibility. It is a plus if you have experience with photo or video editing.

If you have questions about this portfolio, send an e-mail to !

As a board member of the Legal Helpdesk, you will take care of the Legal Clinic. You create awareness among students and set up your own projects, such as the hotline for prohibited study costs. You make sure that every legal question goes to the right lawyer. Several times a year you organize trainings of lawyers (former AKKU members) so that all legal advisors can give the best legal advice.

In addition, you dare to hand over legal questions, relying on the knowledge of your colleagues.

If you have questions about this portfolio, send n e-mail to !

You have an eye for the welfare of the students, you see where improvement is needed. In addition, you maintain contact with the student psychologists of the HAN and the RU.

You can independently set up projects, for example against loneliness, student stress or similar issues.

If you have questions about this portfolio, sen an e-mail to !

Salaris:onbekend – onbekend
Uren per week:8 – 12

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